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I've always preferred the term "family music" over "children's music." A class or concert functions best when everyone - from age zero to 102 - can get something out of it and feel a sense of belonging. I love when families come to my classes with grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. This type of musical bonding makes a lasting impression on our children and enriches our lives as well. We all have certain baggage when it comes to music - perhaps it was pressure to practice an instrument you didn't like, perhaps it was an audition for a high school musical that didn't go to well. We have lived in a world where our output is constantly being judged and cherry-picked. However, in this "brave new world" I think we can finally start to shed these stigmas and return to the truth that we ALL have a basic need and ability to make music. Some of us may have to dig a little deeper than others to get there, but it is NEVER too late to access it. The most effective way to do it? With community and a sense of belonging. The age of "audience" is coming to an end and we are faced with the fact that we can no longer gather in huge numbers with strangers to gaze up at a stage of performers. With this loss comes an opportunity for something very natural and positive: a return to making music and art for ourselves, our families and our communities.

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