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and guest teacher

Isaac Gillespie!


The Nightingale Fam's mixed age family music classes are educational, eclectic AND get your blood pumping! We will expose you to different instruments and sounds and together we will sing and dance to music from all over the world, as well as present new takes on well-loved classics, creating a unique community, musical vocabulary and repertoire to continue at home.

All classes are 45 minutes long and accompanied by an adult. Siblings and other immediate family members are welcome to attend classes at no additional cost. Have to miss a class? You can come to a makeup at another time/location. Registration includes access to a specially curated Spotify playlist. 



**if you are unsure where class is being held on a given day, please text or call 609.462.9805**

TUESDAY 11:30am



8 CLASSES: first class 6/6, **no class 7/4** last class 8/1

FRIDAY 10:30am



**rain location: 169 Fenimore Street**

8 CLASSES: first class 6/9, last class 8/4


Tuition for 8 classes: $160 ($20/class per family)


Tuition for 16 classes: $240 ($15/class per family) 



Tuition: $88 ($22/class per family)

attend any 4 classes of your choosing!



note: If you are registered for the "once a week package,"

any additional drop-in classes are $15/family!

To register please fill out the contact form below or send a Venmo for the full session amount to @mary-knapp (last 4 digits: 9805) specifying which class/es you are signing up for. Drop-in classes are payable on or before class by cash or Venmo. 


Have a group and want to schedule an indoor or outdoor music session? Let's discuss! 

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about the teachers:
Mary Knapp

A multi-instrumentalist, composer and Broadway alum with 10 years experience in children's music. Mary's music classes are designed for you the caregiver as much as they are for your child: for you to feel you are in a safe space where music is neither polished nor dull, but instead spontaneous, multifaceted and fun. We will sing about colors in Spanish, clap in 5/8 rhythm and dance to accordion, creating a rich musical vocabulary and repertoire to continue at home! 

Enjoy new original kids songs and new takes on old classics with Isaac. Having spent a decade both as a teaching artist at the Children's Museum of the Arts and in preschools across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens teaching music, yoga and mindfulness with Yo Re Mi, Isaac brings a unique and multi-faceted approach to story and music time. We will explore the world of sound using lots of different musical instruments. Join the community of families who make music class with Isaac a part of their weekly routine!

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"After trying a few other "pop-up" classes in the park, we were ecstatic to find Mary's Music in the Park this Fall. Unlike the other classes (that felt like the teachers were playing the hits for tips at a dive bar!), Mary curates a phenomenal set of songs that are interactive and creative. She's broadened our musical horizon with songs and genres we wouldn't have otherwise thought our kiddo was into. But he is! Likely because of Mary's enthusiasm and positive energy. We also LOVE her YouTube videos -- literally the only screentime that we allow our 1-year-old. Thank you, Mary, for brightening our day and gifting us with a special activity we look forward to every week." - Carly B

​“Maddy has learned so much from her music class. The songs that are frequently performed provide a sense of comfort and joy for Maddy. Whether on zoom or in person Maddy gets very excited to participate in music class. Mary has been such a source of light during these times.” - Meg T

"Throughout the summer, when the pandemic was brewing, life felt heavy and there was little to do with my kiddo, having the bright light that is Mary's music class to look forward to every week was an absolute gift. The classes are engaging, creative, fun and lively and every week there is something new... which keeps it interesting for the adults. My son lights up when I tell him we're going to music class and has started bouncing and dancing at the mere mention of the event. Mary is true talent in regards to her musical abilities, as well as her abilities to charm and captivate little ones. We are so delighted to have found The Nightingale Fam's music classes and will continue to sing and dance with Mary well into the future!" - Jess P

"We loved Mary's fall class in Prospect Park! Quentin had barely socialized or been around other babies due to the pandemic and it was such a joy to see other little ones and their caretakers, even if just once a week and socially-distanced. I was also thrilled to finally find a music class on the south side of the park. It quickly became the highlight of our week! Mary's Spotify playlist is also a must and plays on repeat in our house." - Tami W

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Isaac Gillespie

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